Main Products

  • 플라베니아


    (Danpla, Danpla Sheet)
    • 2.5T/3T/4T/5T/7T/10Tx900x1800mm
    • Blue, Black, Gray, White, Red, Yellow
    • For buffering protection of floor,
    • marble & corridor
    • For DIY like plastic boards, etc.
    • It can be cut easily and cleanly.
  • 천막지

    PE Tarpaulin Roll

    (Blue, White)
    • 0.2Tx1000/1200/1500/1800x200M
    • 0.2Tx2000/2100/2300x200M
    • 0.2Tx1800x100M
    • For covering of goods, Packaging, Floor protection
    • It doesn't tear easily, therefore can be used for a long time.
  • 보양테이프

    Protection Tape

    (Woven Plus)
    • Floor protection, Interior protction.
    • Flooring protection tape with less residues
    • Upgraded version of Woventape!
    • The material is thin and soft.
    • Easy to cut by hand, shortening working hours.
  • 이지가드

    Elevator Protection

    (Easy Guard)
    • Five types of Easy Guide
    • The elevator doesn't leave any stickiness.
    • Easy and quick to install.
    • Protects against wounds and dirt.
    • Easy to detach and easy to store and move.
  • 부산지사

    Busan Office

    Reduction of transport costs in the vicinity of Busan!
  • 구매대행

    Japanese and Chinese Purchasing Agents

    Japanese and Chinese purchasing agents and import and export agents!
  • 신상품

    Easy Bong

    Easy to install and fast to build!
  • 제주도

    Jeju Office

    Construction and Material Purchase of Jeju Island Easier!